Personal Assistant

Your personal assistant.
Works the way you do.

ClickHook isn't like your typical sales management or CRM software that adds more work for you. It fits in with what you already do... email. Yes, most of ClickHook can be run right from your email.

No need to log into an app, fiddle around, and waste time. Just b'cc ClickHook or send an email directly to ClickHook... everything will be done as if ClickHook is your personal assistant.

Automate Workflows

Automate your marketing workflows.

Following up with leads and keeping them organized can be a nightmare. With ClickHook, we've made it extremely easy for you to setup your sales process based on custom stages and track all your leads. If you ever wanted a simple way to track and automate your sales process then this is it!


Upload or Update A New Contact In Seconds While On the Go!

Uploading a new contact has never been easier with ClickHook! You can send an email directly to ClickHook with a simple hashtag command and it will do the rest. All that is required to upload a new contact is email and ClickHook will search the Internet to find any other information to add to that contact including name, website, social profiles, job title, etc. Keep in mind you can add more information yourself using other hashtag commands. To learn more about hashtag commands click here.


Upload A Business Card And Let ClickHook Do The Rest.

Who uses business cards anymore? It turns out that even though we are in the digital age many people still hand out business cards. Who has time to keep all those business cards and upload them into your CRM? With ClickHook we have made it easy. All you need to do is snap a picture of the business card with your mobile phone, send an email directly to your ClickHook email ID with the hashtag command #bizcard, attach the picture of the business card and let ClickHook do the rest. It usually takes about 10-15 minutes to process but next time you log into ClickHook you will see a new contact added with all the information from the business card.


Record Important Emails Without Losing A Beat.

Ever sent an important email to a contact that you want to make sure is recorded so you can track it easily at a later date? With ClickHook you can b’cc your ClickHook email ID and it will record the email you send under that contact. This is extremely useful since you can later go back to that contact and see all the important emails. You can even forward important emails to ClickHook that you want recorded. And if ClickHook gets an email and doesn’t recognize the contact it will simply add a new contact for you and record the email under that new contact.


Easily Add More Team Members and Share Contacts.

You can easily add more team members and share contacts with them. This is really helpful when you work on a team and need others to help you close a deal or simply follow up with a client.


Create A Custom Sales-Flow That Fits Into Your Current Sales Process

Most CRM software make you fit your sales process within one sales pipeline that you build. But, what if you could create multiple sales-flows based on the different services or products you sell? And what if you could add automated actions within each stage? Once you use the sales-flows feature within ClickHook you’ll be addicted and wonder how you could have handled your leads without it.


Track Your Sales Hooks So You Know Your Lead Got It!

How many times have you sent a lead a proposal or video or any other important document and wondered if they got it? With ClickHook you simply upload your sales hook and can copy the link to use in your regular email to track or you can use it in your sales-flows you create.

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